Ririn Nursanti, S.Pd.I., Ririn Nursanti, S.Pd.I. (2015) POLA PENINGKATAN AKHLAK MULIA BERBASIS TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT DI SMP AL IRSYAD AL ISLAMIYYAH PURWOKERTO. Masters thesis, pascasarjana iain purwokerto.

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The tendency of character degradations at school-age childhood is about at alarming stage. Educational institution plays an important role in noble-character building by optimizing each part of learning environment to reach the goal. There is a need to design innovative program in order to build learner’s characters as they will be get ready- to-life skills to face globalization era. The research is focused on analysing noble-character building by using TQM at Al Irsyad Al Islamiyyah Junior High School Purwokerto. Total Quality Management in Education is methodology of continous improvement that gives practical tool for educational instructions to constantly fulfill customer’s satisfactions and needs. The aims of the study are to explore in TQM perspective the design of noble- character building at Al Irsyad Al Islamiyyah Junior High School Purwokerto, and to find their implementations to the learners. The qualitative approach with case study design is used for that purpose. The data are obtained from observation, interview, and documentations. The data are analysed by means of data reduction, presentation of data, and data verifications. The results show that: 1) noble-character building programs are implemented in the special program namely Program Pendidikan Akhlak (PPA). 2) The program is exhibit TQM principles likes: (a) Continuous improvement of noble-character building through vision, mission, objective, and school programs formulation, (b) Stating quality assurance and standard quality of noble-characters of pupil, (c) Internalization of noble-character through habituation, role model, on the spot, and providing supporting infrastructure, (d) Organization improvement through structure reshaping, participative leadership, integrated and hidden curriculum, and raising up teacher motivation, (e) Maintaining customer satisfaction by delivering various activities likes education, spiritual, social and public relations that involve school and parents. Keyword: noble-character, Total Quality Management

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: noble-character, Total Quality Management
Subjects: 2x5 Akhlak dan Tasawuf > 2x5.1 Akhlak
300 Social sciences > 370 Education
300 Social sciences > 370 Education > 379 Government regulation, control, support
Divisions: Pascasarjana > Manajemen Pendidikan Islam
Depositing User: Mrs Hanik Nurdiana Sabita
Date Deposited: 12 Oct 2016 03:30
Last Modified: 28 Nov 2016 02:35
URI: http://repository.iainpurwokerto.ac.id/id/eprint/888

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